Thursday, July 21, 2011


Everything has a place. Or at least it should...

I've been bitten by the organization bug. I've actually had the itch for a while.Maybe it's because I'm spending too much time on Pinterest looking at the crazy beautiful, creative, enviable spaces that have been posted. Maybe because I am getting older I am learning to enjoy a more simplistic being.

Or maybe I'm looking too far into it and I just have too much stuff.

Yes, my organization obsession is most likely because of the last reason. Three people live in this apartment -- aged 23, 22 and 20. Add us all together and we have 65 years worth of stuff (potentially)! Obviously, we didn't bring everything we have ever owned into this apartment. And quite honestly, as the only female in apartment 90, I know that I am the biggest "stuff" contributor and that is why I have decided that I need to be the designated de-clutter-er.

I don't think our apartment is too small. I don't think it is hoarder-status. But I do think that when it comes to cleaning stuff out and getting rid of things, I am way too quick to think of reasons why we might need it in the future.

So right now I pledge to you dear bloggosphere... I promise to become a better organizer. To go through my belongings and donate what I no longer need. To keep my apartment clutter-free. And to make sure everything has a place.



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